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Zcash Developers Announced A Project Development Strategy

zcash zec

Electric Coin Company, the developer of the Zcash cryptocurrency (ZEC), has announced a project development plan for 2020, as well as a long-term strategy for working on the project. This was posted on the official website of the organization.

In 2020, the ZEC development team intends to test new technical solutions and invest in research and development. Specialists will devote special attention to resolving issues related to increasing the level of confidentiality of the cryptocurrency network.

We envision Zcash becoming a usable, safe, global, permissionless, and private store of value and medium of exchange. We know it won’t be an easy road to get there” the announcement says.

The ZEC team’s strategy outlines three key time periods and goals that specialists intend to accomplish over this period:

  • 0-6 months.

The goal of the period is listing cryptocurrencies on large trading platforms, expanding the number of trading ZEC pairs, as well as improving the ability to interact with the asset using mobile gadgets.

Recall that earlier it became known that the British division of Coinbase to delist the ZCash token.

  • 6-24 months.

During the indicated period, the project team intends to improve its own management structure. Another goal is to work to improve the scalability of the cryptocurrency network and provide users with more applications for working with ZEC.

  • 2-4 years.

Project experts are confident that cryptocurrencies will continue to gain popularity over this period of time. By the end of the stage, according to representatives of Zcash, the asset will become a convenient means for conducting regular settlements. At the same time, developers see the possibility of using cryptocurrency in regions with poorly developed monetary policy. According to specialists, digital assets will become an alternative to existing centralized systems.

Note,  that similar ideas formed the basis of the crypto project Libra social network Facebook.

Recall that earlier on the network there was information that a vulnerability in the ZCash network could lead to leakage of IP addresses of users.