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WhatToMine: Mining Calculator Review


Before you start mining, you need to choose the cryptocurrency, which is most profitable to mine on your hardware. You can do this using the advanced WhatToMine web calculator.

It helps to make detailed calculations of the potential level of mining profitability using different algorithms for Nvidia / AMD video cards or farms as well as ASICs. WhatToMine is the most popular web service for calculating the preliminary profitability of cryptocurrency mining which has been working since spring 2014.

To date, it supports the calculation of the Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Grin (GRIN) and more than 300 altcoins on several dozens of hashing algorithms (SHA-256, Ethash, CryptoNight, Scrypt, etc).

To use the WhatToMine service, you do not need to register and create an account. All available functions are free for each visitor of the calculator website.

WhatToMine Official Website

When you visit this web source first, an inexperienced user will be slightly shocked by the interface. However, this effect is inevitably present in all services related to mining. But on the other hand, pros in cryptocurrency mining will feel quite comfortable with WhatToMine.

There is a line with the current rates of BTC, Zcash, ETH, XMR, ETC, DASH and LTC on the left of the website. A bit to the right is the widget for subscribing to the Twitter project, as well as a button to switch the website interface to dark mode.

The next line contains the main menu with tabs, each of which is dedicated to a separate WhatToMine calculator functionality:

  • GPU – determining the profitability of mining on different algorithms for the top models of AMD / Nvidia video cards and rigs assembled on their basis.
  • ASIC is a profitability calculation tool for ASICs.
  • Coins – all cryptocurrencies are presented here, for each of which you can calculate the profitability of production.
  • ETH + – calculation of the profitability of the available dual mining options.
  • Miners – the rating of different ASIC profitability models.
  • GPUs – the ranking of the most profitable video cards.

Calculator Features

WhatToMine Key Features:

  • Detailed settings for calculating the profitability of production both by hardware and by individual coins;
  • Always up-to-date data on the current hashrate of supported video card models and ASIC miners;
  • The ability to edit the hashrate, power consumption, cost of electricity in the source data of the calculator;
  • Profitability support for several dual mining options;
  • There is a rating of the most productive cryptocurrency mining devices available today.

Another important nuance: after the calculations, the profit for each position is expressed immediately in two indicators – “Rev. $ “And” Profit “. The first is the amount of potential reward for 24 hours. The second is the estimated daily profit minus the cost of electricity.

How To Use WhatToMine

To use WhatToMine the user need:

  • Choose the hardware that you plan to use for mining and its quantity.
  • Indicate the cost of electricity.
  • Get data on the most profitable cryptocurrencies for mining.
  • Despite the visually loaded interface, using the WhatToMine profitability calculator is quite simple. All that is required of the user is to choose the appropriate subsection of the site and configure its functionality for your hardware.

How To Calculate Mining Income For Cryptocurrency

To calculate the profitability of mining on a specific coin using the WhatToMine calculator, you need to click “Coins”, where all supported options are presented. When choosing one of the cryptocurrencies, a tab with its detailed description and fields for manually entering data for calculation — hashrate, power and the cost of existing hardware, as well as electricity prices and the fees of the used mining pool. The remaining parameters can not be changed, they have pulled automatically.

When clicking on the “Calculate” the data on the mining profitability of the selected coin for different periods appears.

As you can see, WhatToMine calculates the mining profitability in a rather detailed way for many different hashing algorithms and the hardware.


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