September 7, 2017 / news

What Progress Had Been Made In BTC-e Refunding

биткоин-биржа btc-e

At the end of last week, BTC-e announced starting refund to investors. At the moment it is not clear how many users have already received their money.

According to posts in social networks, some users have been able to withdraw their funds. As previously reported, BTC-e announced that if users agree to accept just over half of their savings in exchange for debt tokens, they will be able to start withdrawing funds.

Some of customers prefer to hold their funds, apparently assuming that they will be able to refund later.

Many users are having constant problems with login on the new web-site BTC-e.  Some users had problems as their accounts blacklisted on the BTC-e website,  others reported problems with two-factor authentication (2FA). There are reports that scammers  aimed at users of BTC-e in attempts to phishing.  According to one of the posts on Twitter, an e-mail is spreading, which directs users to a fake form, due to which the users data can get into the hands of scamers.

Now BTC-e is trying to resume its service and retun customers. It is noteworthy that BTC-e, as reported, also gives users savings in bitcoin cash. This is stated in the new tweet.

Cryptocurrency exchange received a number of requests related to bitcoin cash, because its network has formed exactly on the days when the original BTC-e web domain captured by law enforcement agencies.


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