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This Week Will Be Launched New EOS Voting System

eos voting

This week, EOS cryptocurrency devs will present a beta version of the Referendum tool, which is an analogue of the voting system. This tool will be able to improve the protocol & quot; share proof & quot; (proof-of-stake).

EOS development team states the following: & quot; Cusing the Referendum tool, EOS token owners can take part in the election. Referendum consists of EOS Forum smart-contracts, a counting system and a voting user interface with the ability to integrate cryptocurrency wallet & quot ;.

Currently, EOS Forum smart-contracts and a voting portal are already running. the Referendum project is still unstable, so the public launch decided to postpone until troubleshooting. Referendum release date will be set for October 30 according to the voting results of EOS Nation employees.

Weak points in the EOS blockchain management model

Blockchain cryptocurrency EOS criticized for excessive centralization and imperfect
voting system. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin analyzed the protocol model consensus & quot; proof of share & quot; and noted the potential purchase of votes, which could lead to dishonest election results. Buterin’s conclusion was confirmed when it became known that the Huobi exchange, which serves as the producer of the EOS network blocks, received funding in exchange for cooperation with other producers of the blocks.

To counteract corruption, EOS developers have created a WHISPER committee, which includes from 4 to 8 community representatives. The committee is a supervisory authority to monitor
activity of producers of blocks. However, the Committee has not yet been able to dispel
doubts about the reliability of the EOS blockchain management system, which led to a slow growth
the number of users of tokens. Currently, EOS cryptocurrency does not justify its
the nickname of "Ethereum Killer", in order to fray with the king of blockchains, EOS needs to solve internal problems.

EOS Network Interoperability

It is possible that the developers of EOS completely abandoned the rivalry with Ethereum.
Proof of this is an update of the EOS21 protocol, thanks to which the EOS and Ethereum will be able to interact with each other. In particular, users will receive opportunity & quot; teleport & quot; ERC-20 tokens from the Ethereum blockchain to the EOS network: the protocol first destroys the tokens in the ETH network and then creates them in the EOS blockchain. According to the creators of the EOS21 project, the future of cryptoindustry is behind interoperability!