February 26, 2022 / news

Websites That Accept Donations To The Ukrainian Military In Cryptocurrency


Bit.News media may suffer malfunctions due to the continued war activities over Ukraine. This is due to the fact that most of our team are Ukrainians and at the moment their safety is paramount.

We hope that the countries will be able to reach an agreement peacefully in order to stop hostilities as soon as possible. And we want to believe that our audience supports these views. Everyone can make a contribution to help Ukrainian army. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted by Unchain Ukraine fund.

Pro-Ukrainian groups received more than $4 million in cryptocurrency after the Russian invasion, according to the latest data from analytics firm Elliptic. However this figure was only $400,000 yesterday. The sudden flow of cryptocurrency was made by single donor who sent $3 million worth of BTC (80 BTC) in a day.

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