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What Way The Cryptocurrency Boom Has Enriched Marketing


Most ICO marketing tools were reached due to traditional digital business. In the cryptocurrency space , traditional marketing solutions have changed. They have adapted to a market with high volatility and an overheated community. The cryptocurrency “boom” was strong, so at the end of 2017, the crypto community included not only crypto enthusiasts, but thousands of newcomers.

Many of the marketing tools in these conditions turned out to be more effective than others.

Is It Really Works?

White Paper

What is it? A large, 30-70 page document designed for potential investors. It contains a detailed presentation of the project, the essence of the problem and how the project solves it, a description of the technical part, legal background, roadmap, financial model and much more.

This is the face of the project, according to which investors determine its relevance and potential profitability.

White paper is an important part of content strategy. It is the same a visual business plan and contains information about solving a particular problem, or it can present information that is interesting to investors or potential partners, for example, a part of a business plan. White paper also serve as the basis for any promotional material: one pager for presentations, pitch deck for meetings with investors, articles, reviews.


What is it? This is a series of meetings, most often abroad, with business representatives, investors and potential partners.

At the peak of the “HYIP”, startups often became the victim of fraudsters. The organizers of such meetings collected good money from naive startups around the world.

International travel to meet with investors is very effective. You only need to carefully select those with whom to work in the organization of the roadshow. Personal acquaintance remains important in all areas, and no video link can yet replace it. Investors from China, South Korea or Singapore are willing to invest in foreign companies producing a promising product, and a personal meeting is one of the best ways to impress them.

Bounty & Airdrop

What itis? Something like the development of the idea of ​​contests in social networks. They are based on the performance of tasks for a fee. Bounty is more difficult – participants complete tasks, get points and divide the prize fund at the end of the campaign.

An important tool for forming a community. The more promising the project, the more willing people are to participate in its Bounty, because the resulting “tokens” will be more expensive. Over time, however, “professional bounters” appeared with an arsenal of stranded accounts, and the value of such a “community for money” decreased significantly.

The Bounty is very useful for startups. It is very important for beginners to show investors that they have a lively community – that their goods will be needed by someone, that they know how to communicate with people, that they are open and modern. Bounty is also a kind of “partisan marketing.”

Targeting Ads

What is it? The display of advertisements in social networks and search engines to a specific group of users united by age, place of residence, interests, or some other common features.

The main distinctive feature of targeted advertising for “crypto” very quickly became advertising bans. Gradually, all major social networks and Google imposed a ban on almost any mention of cryptocurrency.

Not only cryptocurrencies have difficulty in placing targeted advertising. The prohibitions lie in advertising gambling, medicines, and financial services. To create advertising and does not fall under a complex system of restrictions is a very valuable skill. This may be a neat selection of creativity or, for example, a landing page that is not directly related to the product.

Community Management

What is it? The creation and management of communities united by an interest in a brand or product. It works on the loyalty of the target audience and in general on the trust of the project.

The community is an important point of contact with the audience. Courses are jumping, bitcoins are dropping, so working with a negative is very important. And sometimes the situation is heated and specifically – competitors or scammers. In general, it never gets boring.

Work with the community needs startups and large brands. It is there that may appear the most sworn enemies, and the most loyal customers. Your image in the eyes of your clients will largely depend on how much attention you pay to this area.


ICO gave marketing a lot of interesting approaches. A cryptocurrency boom set specific tasks for marketing: raising a trust to a project from scratch, creating a strong community, informational openness, working with investors and influents. And all this is for narrow audiences in the most different countries, each of which has its own national peculiarities.

Many of the developments of cryptocurrency marketing can be successfully used in application to ordinary projects that are not related to the blockchain. Creating a community or personal meetings with investors can be effective for almost any business. Less familiar tools can also bring benefits: the practice of White Paper training that is not so common in our country is a familiar part of the content strategy in the USA and England, especially in B2B; or Bounty-campaign, which can significantly reduce the budgets for promotion.


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