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Wave Of Ransomware Attacks in Bitcoin is Throughout the World

ransom wannacry

At least 36,000 computers around the world have been struck by a ransomware. Software encrypts files and then requires a ransom in a cryptocurrency for a special decryptor. 

According to official Avast Jakub Kroustek notes, that Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan suffered most from the malicious program:

"Avast joins the project as associate partner. Six of our free decryption tools included, more to come."

In particular, a new ransom struck the computer system of the MIA of Russia in several regions of the country.

Previously, information about a possible virus infection was posted on the Pikabu website, as well as on the Kaspersky forum. It's about the ransom WCry, which is also known as WannaCry or WannaCryptor.

The malware acts as follows: first encrypts user files, changes their extensions, and then requires a special decryptor to be purchased for crypto currency. The program threatens to delete locked files if the user does not make a corresponding payment within a certain time.

Bitcoin wallet, used by ransomers, shows numerous incoming transactions between 0.15 and 0.3 BTC. So at least some of those infected chose to pay, rather than trying to safely release your data or make a full wipe and rollback.

Similar Attacks

Similar attacks are recorded in several hospitals in the UK. BBC Technical Editor Rory Kellan-Jones posted a photo of a computer-infected computer in Tweeter screened by one of London's hospitals, where a claim is made to pay $ 300 in Bitcoin:


One of the users of social networks reported the appearance of the same program on the computers of the university laboratory in Milan.

"A ransomware spreading in the lab at the university."

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