December 2, 2020 / Business

Visa Creates The First In The World Credit Card With Cashback In Bitcoin


The team of the global payment system Visa together with representatives of the digital asset-oriented financial company BlockFi developed a metal bank credit card (Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card) with a cashback in Bitcoin. This information appeared on the social networks of the project and on its website.

According to BlockFi, plastic card has no analogues in the world. With its help, according to the platform, users will be able to receive 1.5% cashback in bitcoin from each purchase.

In the first stage, the card will only be available to US users. In the future, representatives of the project plan to expand its geography.

At the moment, an entry into the waiting list is available for those wishing to receive a card. In order to become its user, you will need to create an account with BlockFi. The condition is required to transfer cashback to Bitcoin.

There is a $ 250 bonus for new cardholders. To get it, you need to spend at least $ 3 thousand within 3 months. The cost of servicing the card will be $ 200 per year.

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