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Visa CEO Does Not Exclude A Possibility Of Bitcoin Using

visa blockchain

In the future, Visa payment processing may start working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if it become a real payment instrument. Such statement in an interview with CNBC was made by Visa CEO Alfred Kelly.

According to him, cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to Visa in the short term, but the payment giant is ready to implement new systems if digital currencies get more recognition.

“In order for us to feel more comfortable in this environment, there must be a certain market, something has to be related to fiat currencies. Anyway, no threat of cryptocurrency for us is posed" — Kelly has told.

At the same time, he allowed the possibility that at a certain stage Visa would start working with cryptocurrency.

“"If business enters this direction, we will enter this direction too . We want to be in the middle of all the payment flows in the world. It doesn't matter as it will occur or what behind it will be currency. But now it is more goods, than the payment tool" — Kelly has added.

Recall that earlier this month, Visa has announced the integration of Hyperledger Fabric blockchain into B2B Connect corporate payment service.