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Virtual Monuments Of Satoshi Nakamoto Have Appeared In USA


The developers of augmented reality from the company Satoshi Nakamoto Republic have created eight virtual monuments of Bitcoin co-founder Satoshi Nakamoto in USA. 

The monuments have appeared in Cambridge, Mountain View, New York, Cupertino, Stanford, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami during this autumn.

satoshi nakamoto monument

The co-founders of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic project set a goal to implement in the augmented reality of the city around the world and combine them into a single Virtual Republic.

There is 11 cities in USA, Switzerland and Ukraine, available through a mobile application in nine months of existence of the project in system.

At the end of this year, Satoshi Nakamoto Republic will launch a platform for selling virtual land and installing virtual objects using QR codes and geolocation. To create an object will require a plot of at least 100 square meters. As proof of the transaction, certificates placed on the blockchain will be issued.