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Users Withdraw Over $ 300 Million In Bitcoins And Ethereum From Bitfinex

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Over the past 12 hours, unknown withdraw 19 thousand BTC (more than $ 98 million at the current exchange rate) from cold wallet Bitfinex. There were also impressive amounts in the ETH.

The first such large transaction was 3,999 BTC, according to Whale Alert, completed at 10:43:55 UTC on Thursday, April 25th.

On Friday morning another 13,377 BTC was withdrawn from the exchange, and then another 1,580 BTC.

The total number of coins withdrawn in these three major transactions thus amounted to 18,956 BTC.

For the same period, large sums in ETH were withdrawn from Bitfinex to unknown wallets.

There were six transactions with ETH, which Whale Alert drew attention to, and the total number of coins reached 501,864 ETH ($ 76.5 million at the current exchange rate). In addition, transactions were observed at 7.137.903 XRP ($ 2 million) and 1,500 MKR ($ 738.7 thousand).

It is not known whether all these transactions were initiated by the exchange itself or its users.

The Bitcoinist edition, which also drew attention to large sums of funds withdrawn from Bitfinex, believes that the reason for the news about the charges brought by the exchange that it concealed the fact of loss of about $ 850 million, used to cover the damage of the means of its affiliate issuer Steybcoin Tether. The exchange itself denies these allegations, but the publication assumes that investors holding large sums on Bitfinex decided to withdraw them.

According to the updated data as of 15:00 UTC, the total amount of funds withdrawn from Bitfinex approached $ 220 million in bitcoins and exceeded $ 100 million in ETH.

In addition to the already mentioned unknown addresses, a significant part of the funds also flows into the wallets of exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp and BitMEX.

At the same time, 5 million USDT was transferred from Bitfinex to the Tether repository some time ago: