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USA And Germany Are In The Lead In Bitcoin Nodes

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According to the Bitnodes, there are 10,047 Bitcoin nodes around the world. Almost a quarter of the total number of full nodes is operating in the USA. 

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About 1837 full nodes operate (18.28% of their total number) in Germany. The Russia ranks ninth position, between Singapore and Japan (280 full nodes). Ukraine is on the 19th position by the number of nodes, Belarus is on the 30th one.

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According to 1ML the number of Lightning Network has reached 5666 nodes. The number of payment channels exceeded 22,000.
In November 2017, while Bitcoin were moving to its ATH, the number of available nodes reached a peak of 12,500. In the first half of last year, a rollback occurred, the number of nodes fluctuating around 9,000.

By 2018, the overall decline was 11%, and this year the increase will be about 2%.

At the same time, technical sources point out that the exact number of Bitcoin nodes ultimately remains a mystery, since some of them cannot be detected.

In addition, one of the possible reasons to increase the number of full nodes in the past year were new products, for example, Nodl and Casa Node by  the Lightning Network, which simplify the launch of a full node.

What are the incentives to run a full node? According to the Bitcoin wiki, this is the most reliable way to use a Bitcoin network, let alone make it more reliable through decentralization.