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The Ukrainian Stock Exchange is going to launch futures trading on Bitcoin

Stock Exchange

The start of futures contracts trading at PJSC "Ukrainian Exchange" will be held on December 19. This was informed on the website of the Stock Exchange.

As noted, the futures contracts trading on the index of Bitcoin has become possible after the registration of the specifications of futures contracts and modifications in the rules of PJSC "Ukrainian Exchange". The index itself will be calculated by on the ground of trading on the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

"The uniqueness of the setup is the Ukrainian Stock Exchange has become the first regulated market in the world to propose futures contracts on Bitcoin. The interest towards this cryptocurrency in Ukraine is quite high, on the other side the current legal framework severely limits the possibility of Ukrainians upon the access to the financial instruments of the developed markets, and we can get a synergistic effect. I am sure that this will eventually help to attract the attention of international players", - noted Alexey Sukhorukov, Managing Director at UNIVER Investment Group.

The delegates of the Exchange believe that new tools will enhance the ability of market participants, attract new players and be applied by investors in various investment strategies.

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