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Twitter Reveals Details Of Celebrity Accounts Hack

twitter bans crypto

The social network team has shared the details of the investigation into the recent hack of celebrity accounts. Scammers on behalf of popular people offered users to transfer Bitcoin to them in order to get twice as much in return. According to the new version, hackers used phishing to gain access to pages.

Twitter believes that the attackers used internal tools of the social network. To gain access, they sent phishing links to mobile employees of the company. Careless team members opened links, giving scammers access to the tools they needed.

According to Twitter, only a few of the company’s employees were affected by the hackers. Despite its small scale, the attackers managed to carry out their plans.

Representatives of the social network noted that the tools for accessing user accounts were open to a limited number of company employees. How the scammers identified potential victims is unknown.

In total, hackers gained access to 130 celebrity accounts. According to Twitter, posts were sent from 45 of them. During the analysis, experts found out that the personal correspondence of 36 users had been compromised. The scammers also managed to download all information from 7 accounts.

twitter hack

Recall that the hack took place on July 15. The FBI joined the investigation of the incident. Members of the crypto community and many Twitter users criticized the platform for its security gaps. The Block analyst Larry Cermak, in turn, expressed the opinion that amateurs are behind the hack.

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