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Twitter To Develop Decentralization Standards For Social Networks

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the formation of a development team whose work will be to establish decentralization standards for social networks. Information about this appeared in the specialist’s Twitter.

The search for specialists and the appointment of the head of the development team were committed to the technical director of the company Parag Agrawal. It is known that the formed team will be called Blue Sky.

Twitter CEO noted that in the first period after the launch, the social network was quite open. However, subsequently, the project team had to choose a different development path. With the help of Blue Sky, the specialist intends to restore the previous approach to working on a social network. The project team in their account promised to talk about current successes.

Specialists of the social network will also be engaged in building algorithms that, according to Jack Dorsey, will allow "to promote a healthy version of virtual communication." The CEO of the company noted that the effect of the work of Blue Sky will be similar to the influence of the Square Crypto project on Bitcoin. The latter, through the simplification of access to investments in cryptocurrencies, helped to popularize a new financial instrument and improve the user experience. The head of Square Crypto is also Jack Dorsey.

Why is this good for Twitter? It will allow us to access and contribute to a much larger corpus of public conversation, focus our efforts on building open recommendation algorithms which promote healthy conversation, and will force us to be far more innovative than in the past, the specialist concluded.