August 7, 2021 / news

Tron to Build NFT Ecosystem in Partnership with DeFine Platform

The project also attracted the APENFT art object tokenization platform to an initiative aimed at developing the market for non-fungible tokens.

The team of the popular crypto startup Tron has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the DeFine platform, under which the parties will create an NFT ecosystem. Information about this appeared in the project blog.

The project blog states that the DeFine NFT platform will be integrated into Tron.

With the integration on Tron network, users and creators across the globe will be able to enjoy the platform without worrying about transaction speed and fees.” reads the TRON blog.

Also, as part of a strategic partnership with TRON, the DeFine team plans to explore the possibility of introducing its social profile system into the Tron ecosystem. DeFine is a non-fungible token-based social identity platform that takes into account the contributions and achievements of users in the digital world.

DeFine’s social profile system will be integrated into the Tron ecosystem. It allows you to receive bonuses and rewards for “good behavior” in the ecosystem. Based on the profile of the users, this credit rating will help them get credits in DeFi projects on Tron. If the user is late in the payment, then his rating in the profile will drop.

We will remind, earlier on the network there was information that the crypto exchange with investments Coinbase is launching an NFT marketplace.

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