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TRON Launched In Beta Its Own Network


Today, on May 31, developers of Tron launched the beta version of the main network. The tenth in the rate of cryptocurrency market capitalization ($ 4 billion) is leaving the Ethereum network for its own public blockchain called Odyssey 2.0. 

Before the network starts a full life, developers will be engaged in setting up wallets and browsers.

"The conversion of the Tron protocol to the core network will make it easier for developers to separate from Ethereum and will open new doors to the scalability, commercialization and accelerated access required to develop global, decentralized applications," said Justin Sun, co-founder of Tron.

From June 21 to June 24, users will have to transfer their ERC-20 tokens to the cryptocurrency exchanges that supports new network to get an equivalent amount of TRX. The conversion of the tokens will end on June 25 - this date the developers dubbed the "Independence Day".