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Tradingview Service Overview: Why Users Need This And What Are The Features

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One of the most popular methods for generating a company’s or fund’s valuation is technical analysis. The estimation is made by constructing diagrams using various analytical tools. TradingView is one of the most widely used free online charting platforms. TradingView users easily create high-quality content to analyze the situation in the financial market.

What Is TradingView?


TradingView is a graphical platform that brings together a community of people interested in trading, investing in various markets. The website offers both free tools and paid ones.

To interact with TradingView, the first thing to do is create an account. Although for review, this is not necessary. The process of registering an account on the platform is quite simple and understandable.

Firstly, on the platform, you can find stocks of almost all companies and charts for them. In the open chart window, you can learn in more detail what analytical tools he offers. Here you can monitor the latest news in the field of finance.

The user has taken a close look at the interface, if necessary, he has to determine the tools for personal trading needs. One of the advantages of the platform is the availability of many different tools for building diagrams. Here you will find both Fibonacci lines and numbers, as well as more complex instruments, such as the profile of the volume region or the expected volatility.

Upon the creation of the chart, it can be published so that other members of the community give a personal opinion on the idea presented. This will be especially interesting for those who need help or interaction with like-minded people.

In addition to technical analysis, the service allows you to use fundamental indicators like P/E, Cash Flow, etc. Other ways to use TradingView include setting the chart such as the price levels or triggers of technical indicators.

Many of the above are available in the free version, but for more advanced traders, it will probably be more appropriate to purchase advanced functionality. Therefore, the TradingView platform offers four levels: Free, Pro, Pro + and Premium. When choosing an account, users rely primarily on personal needs.

In the free version, the user gets access to one chart and three indicators, but this is where the possibilities for working with charts end. Paid versions are used to build more advanced charts. Usually, professional traders need these functions.

Free Trading Ideas

tradingview ideas

Note that you do not need to build a chart yourself. If you need trading ideas, you can visit the “Ideas” section on the website and see what others think about the development of a company or currency. Here are the opinions of the community regarding various markets: from cryptocurrency to shares of major companies.

Trading ideas are up to you. Anyone who believes they can contribute can post their work to present to the community. TradingView has done a great job of providing the community with quality content, which is probably one of the few places where you can find good quality free content, if not the only one.

Note that after the publication of the chart, the figure is not subject to editing. Thus, it is possible to compare how much this or that idea was implemented by the plan. This should be used not to prove that one author is better than another, but to learn and adapt to market sentiment.

Why Is TradingView Useful?

TradingView is an extremely useful platform that provides users with the ability to build charts and analyze market conditions.

Thanks to the flow of information and the growth of financial technologies, the analysis can be built on a purely individual approach. For those who want to try their hand at technical analysis, TradingView is a great opportunity. Here you can use your thoughts and the ideas of other traders without having to spend money. If the user needs more features, then paid versions can be used. TradingView is one of the best free charting platforms on the market.


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