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Trading Platform LocalBitcoins Was Hacked

privacy hack

It became known that the Bitcoin trading platform LocalBitcoins was hacked. Founded in 2012, LocalBitcoins is the world's most popular P2P Bitcoin trading platform.

The platform allows users to place ads to indicate the desired exchange rate and payment methods in the process of buying or selling BTC. Interested parties can arrange a personal meeting and buy Bitcoin for cash or carry out a transaction using online banking.

As the participants of the Reddit forum told, now the users, visiting the LocalBitcoins forum URL, are forced to enter their credentials, logging into their accounts, as if they were logged out.

This happens only if the user is already authorized. Apparently, this is a phishing attempt, that is, sending two-factor authentication codes to a hacker.

It is reported that the platform suspended the withdrawal of funds and disconnected its forum:

The specific address which, probably belongs to the hacker, came under suspicion. It already has 7.95 bitcoins sent in five transactions. According to the current rate, the cost of bitcoins is approximately $ 28,000. It is unclear whether this is the only address of the alleged hacker.

At the press-time, LocalBitcoins did not give official comments regarding the alleged phishing attack, however, users are advised to refrain from logging in to the system until clarity is introduced.