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Top Craziest Scenarios For The Crypto Market Development


Daria Generalova, the founder of the ICOBox blockchain startup, published 6 craziest scenarios for the cryptocurrency market development in 2019. The crypto industry is famous for its unpredictability, so Generalova’s predictions might meet the reality.

NASDAQ Buys Binance For One Billion Dollars

The NASDAQ Stock Exchange plans to launch a crypto trading platform in 2019. It will start working after the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission approves the NASDAQ application. Daria Generalova believes that once the new platform is launched, NASDAQ will offer the Binance leadership to sell the exchange for $1billion.

10 Countries Launch Their National Cryptocurrencies

The ICOBox founder states that in 2019, the US economic wll face a stagnation, that will cause the collapse of a dollar, as well as of other fiat currencies. In order to combat inflation, many countries will follow Venezuela and issue their national cryptocurrency.

The Ethereum rate Fall up to $1

Generalova predicts a “nuclear winter” for the blockchain king. She believes that the ETH rate will drop up to $1, since the popularity of ICO and cryptocurrency in general dies down.

Bitcoin To Be the Only Crypto Mined

At the end of 2018, the mining industry faced a collapse. Bitmain, the largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining company, plans to cut staff by half as it is now struggling to make ends meet. According to Daria, in 2019, the miners will experience new convulsions. Bitcoin will remain the only cryptocurrency mined, since the mining of other 50 leading cryptocurrencies won’t be profitable.

Security Tokens Capture 10% of the Market

The crypto industry is stagnating: the number of ICO projects decreases, the rate of most virtual money and the trade volume fall. Daria Generalova believes that the future of digital assets belongs to the Security Tokens. The companies, offering their clients to buy tokens with the right of holding the company’s shares (Security Tokens), will replace all the ICO projects. The ICOBox team have already noted the increased demand for this type of digital assets. They believe that in 2019 the Security Tokens will capture 10% of the total level of the crypto market.

Bitcoin Rate Moonrockets To $200.000

According to D. Generalova, in 2019 the gold price will drop by 30%, as it was in the period from 2008 to 2009 (at that time, its price decreased from $1.000 to $700 per ounce). The decrease in the precious metal price will make the Central Banks sell 20% of their foreign exchange reserves for Bitcoin. This will make BTC price moon to $200.000.