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TOP-5 Metaverse Tokens That Will Skyrocket In 2022

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The strongest trend in today’s cryptocurrency market is the metaverse, game tokens have huge growth potential. Perhaps so big that from $ 1,000 you can make $ 100,000 at once.


The first game project is Operon Origins. This is an NFT card game about epic hero battles. The urgency lies in the fact that today, December 2, the project is conducting an IDO and after that the token will be added for trading on PancakeSwap:

And only at this event, this coin can give out huge profits. Also, a project with the support of Binance Smart Chain, adequate distribution of tokens, many sponsors and the Play to Earn game concept simply cannot fail to make “XXX”.

This is what the new playable characters look like in this protocol:

Decide for yourself how cool it is. We will also tell you about their “roadmap”. For now, they should have a ready-made prototype of the game, which is, as it were, done. And early next year, alpha testing and the launch of the NFT marketplace will begin, after which the developers will add new content to the game.


The second project is called VLaunch. This will be a platform for token sales and most likely it will specialize in gaming tokens.

Why is it recommended to pay attention to VLaunch? Because there will be a lot of hype around this project, they have already collected 125,000 followers on Twitter. And they are simply unrealistically strongly promoted by such a well-known guy in the English crypto-YouTube as Chris, aka MMCrypto. And the hype will become even more.

Is it possible to bet on the fact that well-known crypto bloggers are creating a hype around the project and this is still its only strong point, then you have to decide for yourself. Their launch was somewhat delayed, but on December 10 or 15 it will still take place. As for us, it is worth waiting for this particular event, and then drawing some conclusions.


On December 6, the token generation event of the blockchain game SolChicks will take place, which is also extremely promising and profitable, especially for those who enter the project at an early stage. This game has the potential to become as cool and famous as Axie Infinity for the following reasons.

They already have a huge audience, with over 250,000 future users on Twitter alone. The project itself has a beautiful rendering and will represent a completely open game world, that is, a whole metaverse. In which each game character will be a unique NFT, and you will receive game cryptocurrency, that is, in fact, earn directly during the game. And there will also be PVP in the game, that is, everything is very adult and can interest a large audience.

SolChicks will be launched on the Solana blockchain and has many partners and sponsors, including the developers of Solana itself. Also, the game will have a decentralized community management model, and its alpha version will appear early next year.


The fourth project is Attack Wagon. The peculiarity is that this is not one separate game. This is the studio that will develop Play to Earn and they showed a trailer for their first project. Alpha testing of the first game and the launch of the NFT marketplace are scheduled for early next year. And as we understand it, the trick is that their ATK token will be relevant not only for one game, but for everyone, which the studio will release over time.

Attack Wagon will host IDO on December 3rd. And they also have a distribution of 200,000 ATK tokens right now, which will end on December 6.

The metaverse trend is extremely strong right now, and it is worth trying to make money from it. But always remember about the risks, the metaverse is not a magic “loot” button and we are more than sure that there will be a lot of scams here. Therefore, he does not use credit money and any purchase decision only after independent careful study of the project.


MetaVPad project closes the collection. The stated goal of this project is to become a launching pad for future projects in the trend of the metauniverses and at the same time to be the unifying force that will connect these virtual worlds with each other. More than 141,000 are already following MetaVPad’s progress on Twitter. Their IDO token sale will take place on December 10th.

That is, the platform for the sale of tokens will sell its tokens. It sounds somehow unclear, but in the crypto world the project that has not launched its own coin is bad. And as practice shows, if a project finds a real user, then its token receives a worthy assessment from the market.

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