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TOP-5 Cryptocurrencies You Worth Buying In 2021


Everyone wants to hit the jackpot in 100% or 200% on the crypto market, and many succeed even more. In this article, we have prepared the top 5 altcoins worth investing in:

  • Polkadot – a platform for creating connections between blockchains, one of the potential “Ethereum killers”;
  • Maker – the project that manages the most famous algorithmic stablecoin DAI;
  • Ethereum – TOP-2 cryptocurrency from Vitalik Buterin, which after upgrading to ETH 2.0 should become a world computer;
  • Synthetix – crypto derivatives market for any financial assets;
  • Compound is the leading DeFi service for cryptocurrency-backed loans.

There is no Bitcoin in this rating, but it is so obvious that without BTC there is hardly any strong movement in the cryptocurrency market, especially for ETH.


Polkadot is on the list of potential ether killers. Polkadot is not a new project and already has a large and close-knit community of supporters. But this token appeared on the market only in August of this year and then made a stir, breaking into the top five cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization:


At its peak, its price exceeded $ 6.5, the current rate is over $ 4. The coin has good investment potential.

Polkadot’s idea is to create a bridge between different blockchains and combine them into one common platform. In general, this is not a revolution, Cosmos wants to do about the same. And Ethereum, after solving current problems, intends to become a platform, after the emergence of which other blockchains will not be particularly needed. And this is a very important point that due to the competition and the complexity of the task, the state of the Polkadot project needs to be monitored very closely.

Despite the prospects, there is a possibility that the project will have to be withdrawn early.


Maker is the project that operates the decentralized stablecoin DAI and is the most famous representative of its kind, which has virtually no competitors at the moment. It’s like Tether in the world of centralized stablecoins, which, despite extremely strong competitors and problems with the law, remains the TOP-1.

By the way, Maker also has certain projects, because during the March market collapse, users lost about $ 8 million, now there is a trial on this issue, because the project team is not going to compensate for anything.

It should be noted that Maker has already made its investors rich, because the trades started at $ 27, at the peak, the price exceeded $ 1,600, and the current rate is $ 540:


For a long time, Maker was the TOP-1 DeFi project, until Uniswap released its own token, and the hype around decentralized finance began.

Another point to note: Maker performed well even before DeFi, and if this sector does not survive, then there will be some new trend. The demand for Maker’s DAI stablecoin is likely to remain strong. This means that the price of the project management token will also grow.


The current price of Ethereum is $ 400, but many expect that very soon we will see $ 600 again and further ad infinitum. Well, okay, not indefinitely, but we can easily grow up to $ 2000. Or maybe even compete for the title of TOP-1 cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization with Bitcoin.


Most of the investors in Vitalik Buterin’s project pin their main hopes on updating the network to version 2.0.

The bet is on the fact that a large-scale update, which is designed to solve all problems with the number and cost of transactions, should raise the price at least twice. However, we cannot wait for the zero phase of the beginning of the transition to the POS algorithm.

Do you know why it is called the zero phase? Because then there will be the first, the second, and so on until we get a full-fledged Ethereum 2.0. That is, the process may drag on for a long time. If earlier Vitalik Buterin said that everything is fine and there will be no problems, now he says that scaling work will take a lot of time and it makes sense to focus on second-level solutions. Like Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, only for Ethereum.

Thus, the prospects for Ethereum are better than that of any of the projects we have already named. But also investments in Ethereum may have the longest payback period because it is extremely difficult to say how long this transition to the updated platform will last.


TOP-4 is the Synthetix project. The startup is not entirely newbies and has been on the market since spring 2018:


For a long time, practically nothing happened to the project. If you look at the token rate until this summer and autumn there was a hype around decentralized finance.

What is Synthetix? This is a platform for trading derivatives, or rather, a platform for creating cryptocurrency derivatives for almost any asset.

In principle, it is similar to Maker: you leave a deposit and receive a certain token. But if the Maker generates only DAI stablecoins, the price of which is pegged to the dollar, then Synthetix allows you to create any assets that will be pegged to gold, oil, stock market index or the value of a specific company’s share.

That is, if you want to trade, for example, Tesla shares, but you do not have a brokerage account with access to the required stock exchange, then using this project you can create an appropriate derivative and trade it on decentralized platforms. True, first make sure that there are people willing to participate in such a trade because it is impossible to do it alone.

All in all, Synthetix has a great idea with great promise. But the success of this project will largely depend on how many cryptocurrency users decide to trade assets from other markets with its help.


Compound crypto lending project token is now trading almost three times cheaper than its maximum value:


This could be a good buying chasm with the prospect of further growth. Compound is a leading project in the field of issuing loans in cryptocurrency, and it is he who offers excellent conditions for earning money on his crypt. After all, it can be invested in the Compound protocol like a bank deposit.

Compound is much more like cans than it sounds. After all, the assets on this site are re-borrowed and transferred several times. And in fact, the economy of the project is based not on the fact that it is actually used, but on the payment of remuneration in COMP tokens.

This is a very big disadvantage. But. in general, if this direction continues to develop and finds its real audience, then it is the Compound project that has the greatest chances to stake out this niche in the decentralized finance market.

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