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TOP-4 Altcoins You Need To Watch Out For

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There are many new altcoins in TOP-10 of cryptocurrencies by market cap. At the same time, only Bitcoin and Ethereum look in this list in their usual place. In this article, we’ll talk about four altcoins that used to be in the forefront. Mow the market and investors have undeservedly forgotten them and the coins are gradually sliding down the rating under the pressure of new HYIP projects.

This review includes the “digital silver” Litecoin, which is still in TOP-10. Stellar coin, aka XRP for the poor people. Justin Sun’s HYIP project TRON. And EOS cryptocurrency at the last place.


First, let’s talk about Litecoin and that the code for anonymous transactions on the MimbleWimble protocol was shown to us in mid-March, as previously stated:

The team also updated their lightweight digital silver wallet:


And for some time they had noticeable success in the Grayscale fund, at the moment the premium on the purchase of Litecoin grew to 1,400%:

And so far, $ 266 million have been invested in Litecoin through Grayscale:

The network indicators are also in full order, the hash rate is kept at a stable level, which is convenient for miners at the current Litecoin price:

Хешрейт Litecoin

And we consider it important to note the growth in the number of transactions since the beginning of this year. Now, 100,000 transfers are carried out using Litecoin per day, and this is an excellent indicator:

Транзакции Litecoin

Note, that lately there have been no media reasons for Litecoin, as previously the partnership with the mixed martial arts league. But we think that now is simply not the season due to the coronavirus crisis and so on, and in the future, Litecoin will still appear in the press as a means of payment at various events.

What resume can you make about digital silver today? Litecoin clings to the last line in the TOP-10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, and we do not exclude that it will be pushed out by another HYIP project. In general, this is just a place and it is much more important that the developers of the cryptocurrency are engaged in the project and succeed according to the “roadmap”. And the network is in demand by miners and users, that is, Litecoin is relevant as a means of payment, which is its main goal.

There is also a certain interest of large investors in the coin, who buy it through Grayscale. What is not there is some kind of explosive reason for the price to reach a new level, the same $ 300, for example. In our opinion, Litecoin is ready for such a movement, but for now, the price still follows the dynamics of bitcoin more and for significant growth, it is necessary to wait for a massive movement throughout the market.


XRP for the poor, or honest XRP without Ripple – everyone treats Stellar differently. We are sure there is no need to remind that Stellar is actually a fork of XRP, which should be more honest and bring financial innovation around the world, and not only make the founders of Ripple richer. The project is managed by a non-profit organization; there is no information that US SEC has any claims to Stellar, as to Ripple.

In early March, the developers presented the Horizon 2.0 code update. This is important for the project itself, because it has become more stable and the interaction between applications on the Stellar blockchain has been improved. Also recently, a fund on Stellar from Grayscale became active – at the beginning of the month $ 35 million was invested in it, but the current value is only $ 25 million due to the correction of the cryptocurrency market:

And interesting news, which demonstrates that work on the basis of Stellar is underway and they have not turned anywhere from the path of blockchain to provide financial services around the world. The Thai translation operator Velo Labs announced a partnership and actually bought a payment application powered by Stellar.

This was the latest news, as for the price, at the beginning of the year Stellar added 200%, and this is taking into account the correction:

Рост криптовалюты

The coin shows a strange correlation with XRP, it rallies after it if there is a reason, but resists downturns quite well. This growth since the beginning of the year was marked by quite loud news, according to which the Stellar developers agreed to make national cryptocurrencies and stablecoins based on their blockchain. Then it was a pure hype, but the agreements themselves were in fact signed. If they do not remain on paper only and the real work begins, the price of Stellar has every chance to start moving towards $ 1.


TRON is actually an honestly stolen Ethereum functionality and a confirmation algorithm borrowed from EOS. In general, TRON founder Justin Sun never hid this and his other projects were repeatedly caught by the hand in plagiarism, which he pointed to open source, such as if you can take it, then why not.

It should be noted that despite this approach to development, the TRON blockchain is a successful project, on which many applications have been launched and are actively driving the Tether stablecoin, because transactions are fast and cheap. TRON itself continues to fight for the audience as one big HYIP, and is now holding its nose to the wind, focusing on NFT tokens.

So, actress Lindsay Lohan released NFT on the TRON blockchain. And Justin Sun himself recently bought NFT from the artist Beeple’s for as much as $ 6 million.

And more good news, the hype is working and TRON has become the fourth most popular crypto asset in India, along with Bitcoin, XRP and Tether. It’s a pity, perhaps, that in India it seems that they are going to ban cryptocurrencies, but it may not come to that.

Since the beginning of the year, TRON has risen from $ 0.01 to $ 0.06, which is not bad, but considering how other coins are growing, it seems like a terrible penny. It’s strange, but despite the media presence of Justin Sun and the fact that TRON really works as a blockchain, the market greatly underestimates him.

If we are asked whether we expect explosive growth in TRON, the answer will be no for now. Rather, the coin will rise in price gradually, following the rest of the market. There are no reasons to change this yet.


A little more and EOS, which was previously confidently in TOP-10, will be below the top thirty. Why is this happening? In many ways, altcoin’s fate is similar to TRON, because there is a blockchain that has found its own, if not the most numerous, but the audience and applications on EOS have been launched enough. And at the beginning of the year, EOS added well in price in anticipation of the new project of the decentralized social network Voice.

Personally, in our understanding, this idea with a social network was initially doomed, but apparently the EOS developers simply do not have any new ideas and Den Larimar again tried to make a social network, like Steem used to be. He again failed, and so he decided that it was time to leave Block one altogether, which is developing EOS and announced a new crypto project. What’s funny is that this new project will be a platform for decentralized interaction of social networks, in short, again on the same rake.

As a result, EOS is now left without a lead developer, and the entire project base is $ 3 billion or more, which should have remained with Block one after the ICO. So far, the cryptocurrency looks like it will continue to be forgotten by everyone. Perhaps this is undeserved, but this is our impression.

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