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Thomson Reuters Will Launch An Online Cryptocurrency Tracking Platform

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CryptoCompare integrates data on the trading of 50 cryptocurrencies into the financial platform Eikon, developed by Thomson Reuters.

The press release says that Eikon is the next generation solution. The website will allow the participant in the cryptoindustry to carry out operations in financial markets using data (news, analytics and visualization tools) in real time.

CryptoCompare will provide information collected from "reliable cryptocurrency exchanges".

Eikon will allow professional traders to use data to determine the most promising entry and exit points, expand their investment portfolios and make profitable decisions.

"As the digital asset market develops, we are seeing rapid demand from the community of institutional investors who want to have access to comprehensive global real-time market data that they can trust," said Charles Heiter, CEO of CryptoCompare.

In June, the media company Thomson Reuters announced plans to expand the cryptocurrency feed with data on hundreds of tokens and track online more than 2 thousand global sources and 800 social networks.