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European Commission Will Hold A Roundtable On The Subject Of Cryptocurrency

European regulators

Vice-President for the Euro and Social Dialogue will hold a roundtable with representatives of the state and corporate sectors on the impact of the cryptocurrency on the activity of central banks. This is stated on the official website of the European Commission.

"Crytocurrencies may have ramifications for many other areas, including for central banks. That's why I intend to bring together key authorities and the private sector in a high level roundtable very shortly to assess the longer term situation beyond the current market trends." Dombrovskis said.

Earlier, IMF called on the international community to coordinate the sphere of cryptocurrencies. A similar initiative was put forward in the US Treasury, as well as in some G20 countries.

It is worth noting that some central banks have already announced their intention to develop their own digital currency and even conducted relevant experiments.

Recall, ECB chairman Mario Draghi claimed that his department does not have the authority to regulate or ban cryptocurrency.