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Team Behind Bitcoin Gold Announced Launch Date of Network

The developers of Bitcoin Gold officially announced the date and time of launching the main project network. This will take place on Sunday, 12 November at 07:00 UTC.

As stated team behind project:

We are extremely grateful for the community around the world who have been contributing hash power to our testnets; besides patiently testing their own mining process, they allow exchanges, pools, wallet developers, and all other service operators to implement and test their support of BTG so that the Bitcoin Gold community can have a full suite of services at launch time.

After hardfork

Initially, the Bitcoin Gold road map indicated that the project would launch the main network and the new crypto currency mining on November 1, but later the terms moved.

Earlier, the developers of the project announced that they add replay protection, which will prevent duplication of transactions in the network of the original bitcoin. Also, the complexity recalculation algorithm has implemented, a unique address format has added, a public test network and a block browser has launched.

The planned Bitcoin Gold hardfork launched on October 24, when has mined block 491,407.

According to representatives of Bitcoin Gold, the project is aimed at creating a truly "decentralized bitcoin". It is thanks to the use of the Equihash algorithm that mining will be available to a larger number of participants, and the influence of large companies will accordingly reduced.


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