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The Blacklist Of Web-Sites Which Support SegWit2x Published


On the popular information portal about bitcoin, the announced early "black list" of sites, which continue to support the likely hardfork SegWit2x, has been published.

According to the SegWit2x developers, the new cryptocurrency created as a result of this controversial hardfork will be called bitcoin. Therefore, no one will be surprised if the services supporting this hardfork rename bitcoin at their discretion or completely replaced with a new altcoin.

In order to avoid such an incident with your bitcoins, you should familiarize yourself with the names of the services that support SegWit2x.

Hardfork Supporters

Wallets that support SegWit2x hardfork: Abra,, BitPay, BitPesa,,, Circle, Coinbase,, GoCoin, Jaxx, Luno, Ripio, Unocoin, Xapo.

Cryptocurrency exchanges: ANX, Bitex, bitFlyer, Bitso, BTCC,, Coinbase,, CryptoFacilities, Korbit, Safello, SFOX, ShapeShift.

Mining pools: 1Hash,, Bitfury, Bitmain,, Genesis Mining, ViaBTC, F2Pool.

Other services and platforms: / Chandler Guo, BitClub Network, Bloq, Civic, Decentral, Digital Currency Group, Filament, Genesis Global Trading, Grayscale Investments, MONI, OB1, Netki, Purse, Veem.

In order for transactions to be handled safely by most mobile wallets, one must blindly trust the longest chain generated by the miners. Therefore, during the implementation of hardfork it is strongly recommended to refrain from conducting transactions, as this can be unsafe. In the event that the miners intentionally violate the rules of consensus, users may lose their coins.

If the controversial hardfork fails, then it will be safe to continue using mobile wallets, but in any case it's better to first refer to some sources of bitcoin news, including, / r / Bitcoin and BitcoinTalk.

After Hardfork

At the end of the hardfork the generation of blocks can slow down, which will affect the speed of transactions with a higher level of commissions processing them. In this case, in the presence of important transactions, it is recommended that they be held a few days before the hardfork.

During various controversial situations, there are always scammers who do not mind cashing in on possible problems. So do not be surprised if during the hardcore a lot of different services will begin to offer support for a new altcoin. Here the main thing is not to hurry and check how much the resource chosen by you is the one for whom you are betraying yourself. Be careful, as many of these services are likely to be scammers trying to steal your bitcoins. It should also be remembered that the transactions that are performed in the bitcoin network will also be valid in the alternative network.

There is a possibility that some of the services will be issued for bitcoins altcoin, created as a result of this controversial hardfork. Do not forget that the new chain is not the original bitcoin, so coins can not be called bitcoin.