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June 1, 2020 / tehnology

What is Segregated Witness (SegWit)

Segregated Witness (Segwit) – a solution that aims to increase network scalability. It will be easier to understand this concept considering the structure of Bitcoin transaction. It consists of two parts: Basic information (who senders, to whom, amount); Information of the witness, which contains a special cryptographic code (signature). The witness part was a problem for […]

May 18, 2020 / tehnology

Unplanned Fork Occurs In Ethereum 2.0 Testnet

Schlesi’s test network developer for Ethereum 2.0, Afri Schoedon, reported a crash that resulted in an unplanned fork in the testnet. The problem appeared on May 17, when the Geth client stopped synchronizing with other clients and began to build an alternative blockchain. Recall that in order to start the launch of the zero phase […]

May 2, 2020 / tehnology

Bitcoin Will Be Available For DeFi-Projects Soon

Within two weeks, the launch of the tBTC token (ERC-20) is expected, which will be provided by Bitcoins. The project is supported by MakerDao, Uniswap, Compound, and other DeFi services. The new token is a joint project of Keep Network and Summa. Its task is to open a decentralized finance market for Bitcoin owners. The […]

April 24, 2020 / tehnology

The Second Chance For Ethereum: When Will ETH Rate Rise

Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency by market cap, which price follows Bitcoin exchange rate. But if BTC was able to rise to $ 14,000 after crypto winter, Ethereum rate did not even reach $ 400. What is ETH missing to make the price rise? DeFi The decentralized finance market began to emerge in the fall of […]

April 18, 2020 / tehnology

What Is UTXO On The Bitcoin Network

Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) is the “balance” that the sender gets back to the wallet after the transaction. This method ensures that the user has money in the account and protects the network from a “double spending” attack. This technology of sending transactions is implemented in Bitcoin and other coins (for example, in Komodo). Note, when […]

March 18, 2020 / tehnology

Litecoin Wallet: How To Create And Its Types

Since Litecoin is one of the oldest TOP altcoins, it is not surprising that there are so many wallets for storing it. The difference between wallets lies in the interaction with the user is implemented – through the website, app or physical device. Furthermore, LTC wallets differ in the level of security and the intended […]

January 11, 2020 / tehnology

Bitcoin Developers To Complete Taproot/Schnorr Soft Fork

Bitcoin (BTC) developers announced the completion of the upcoming BTC blockchain soft fork called Taproot/Schnorr. Developers will integrate the upgrade when they answer the questions of the crypto community. Taproot And Schnorr Significantly Improve The Performance Of Bitcoin Blockchain Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell announced the Taproot project in January 2018. The update is designed to increase […]

January 10, 2020 / tehnology

Ant Financial Is Set To Launch Its Own Blockchain Platform In February 2020

The popular Chinese fintech company Ant Financial is set to launch its own blockchain platform in February 2020. The organization’s vice president Goufei Jiang shared this information, local media reported. The company’s own blockchain will operate as a part of the Ant Blockchain Open Alliance platform. Technical solutions of the latter will open up opportunities […]

November 30, 2019 / tehnology

Ethereum, ZCash and Cardano Will Get Upgrades In December

In December, three blockchains will release the major updates. Therefore, ZCash will get shorter block times for faster confirmations, Cardano will get a new consensus mechanism and the ability to stack cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum will introduce the ProgPoW mining algorithm. ZCash Blossom ZCash cryptocurrency developer Electric Coin Company announced that the main network will be updated at […]

November 19, 2019 / tehnology

Monero Client Could Be Compromised

The official Monero client may have been compromised. This, cryptocurrency developers posts on Reddit. According to the publication, one of the users drew attention to the fact that the hash of the CLI binaries files downloaded by him from the official cryptocurrency website does not match the hash of the files downloaded from the repository […]

November 10, 2019 / tehnology

Devs To Launch Ethereum 2.0 Public Testnet In Two Weeks

According to coordinator Danny Ryan, the launch of the public test network Ethereum 2.0 will take place in two weeks. Ryan hopes that this weekend the specifications needed to run the testnet will be finalized. He emphasizes that the team would not want to launch a more coordinated test network until they approve the specifications for […]

October 18, 2019 / tehnology

Bank Of America Tests Ripple Technology

Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the US, has publicly tested the Ripple distributed ledger technology and may have further plans in this direction. Ripple representatives did not confirm or deny whether the bank is a client of fintech startups, noting only that the parties conducted a joint pilot project. Bank of America is […]