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Monero Client Could Be Compromised

The official Monero client may have been compromised. This, cryptocurrency developers posts on Reddit. According to the publication, one of the users drew attention to the fact that the hash ...

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Devs To Launch Ethereum 2.0 Public Testnet In Two Weeks

According to coordinator Danny Ryan, the launch of the public test network Ethereum 2.0 will take place in two weeks. Ryan hopes that this weekend the specifications needed to run the ...

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Bank Of America Tests Ripple Technology

Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the US, has publicly tested the Ripple distributed ledger technology and may have further plans in this direction. Ripple representatives did not confirm ...

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Blockstream Developer Has Revealed More Details On The Lightning Network Vulnerability

Blockstream developer Rusty Russell has revealed more details on the Lightning Network vulnerability, which first became known in late August. ICYMI: Here are all the details of the recent Lightning bug. ...

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IMF Warns Banking Sector Of Major Fintech Companies Growing Competition

According to a new study published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), banks should accelerate the development progress of innovations, otherwise, they risk being left behind. There are many major technology companies ...


Ethereum 2.0 Is More Like A Regular Hard Fork. Why?

Ethereum 2.0 is a real “Holy Grail” for all fans of the project. The PoS should solve the problems of Ethereum scalability. At least, Vitalik Buterin thinks so. But the ...


Ethereum Devs Have Announced 28 Offers Integrated To Istanbul Hardfork

The upcoming Ethereum hardfork called Istanbul have 28 suggestions for the code base, aimed, among other things, at changing the mining algorithm, executing the code, pricing mechanism and data storage. Within ...


Mining Pools Have Implemented 51% Attack On Bitcoin Cash

The major mining pools and carried out a “51% attack” to cancel the transaction of another miner who tried to gain access to funds that did not belong ...

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