Parity Released Alpha Of Ethereum Wallet

On November 9, Parity Ethereum announced the release of the Parity Fether cryptocurrency wallet alpha version. The software is testing, so the company does not recommend to use a wallet to ...


This Week Will Be Launched New EOS Voting System

This week, EOS cryptocurrency devs will present a beta version of the Referendum tool, which is an analogue of the voting system. This tool will be able to improve the ...

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Blockchain Company Partners With Ledger To Develop The Hardware Wallet

Blockchain company in collaboration with Ledger has developed the hardware cryptocurrency wallet Lockbox specifically for Blockchain.com users. Now every user can store and manage their digital assets in a blockchain.com ...


Constantinople Hard Fork In Blockchain Ethereum Postponed Until The Beginning Of 2019

The implementation of  Constantinople update, the second part of Metropolis hard fork in Ethereum blockchain, postponed until the beginning of 2019. Ethereum Core devs made this decision during the videoconference: ...


Monero Devs Have Successfully Implemented Hardfork

The developers of cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) successfully conducted hardfork to implement several important upgrades. Updating of network first of all aimed to maintain ASIC resistance and to increase of transactions fees. Preliminary information thread ...


Bitcoin Core Team Released Update 0.17.0

The developers of Bitcoin Core presented a major update to the most popular Bitcoin client. Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released https://t.co/ciwCREngon — Bitcoin Core Project (@bitcoincoreorg) October 3, 2018 Team developed ...

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Ethereum-Startup Parity Integrated Casper Code Into Substrate Platform

Parity Technologies has integrated the early version of Casper updating into the Substrate blockchain platform.  An experimental solution code called "Shasper" appeared on GitHub yesterday. Its peculiarity lies in the ...


Block.one Presented New EOSIO Release

Blockchain startup Block.one introduced a new version of the EOS software 1.3.0. Details of the release published on GitHub. EOSIO 1.3 Release https://t.co/niM2CjZxKa — Block.one (@EOS_io) September 19, 2018 Developers ...

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