Ethereum Has Released The First Version Of Casper Upgrade

Release of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG) upgrade, designed to change the consensus mechanism in the Ethereum network. The external developers and auditors may find it on GitHub. According ...


The Number Of Running Lightning Network Nodes Continue To Grow

On Tuesday, March 13, the number of active nodes Lightning Network in the bitcoin mainnet exceeded the mark of 1000. This is indicated by the data of the corresponding tracker. ...


Ripple Is Going To Place Bitcoin In Banking

Every day, people and companies around the world send money transfers worth more than $ 76 billion over banking network. Over the past six years, Ripple, a San Francisco technology company, is working ...

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What Crypto Trends Are Coming This Year

The cryptocurrency space changes rapidly and unpredictable. But if you look at the changes from the perspective of a professional analyst, you can identify certain trends. What Will Change In The First Place ...

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Ledger Team Is Struggling With The Problems In The Wallets For The Third Day

The manufacturer of popular hardware wallets Ledger reported that the problems started on December, 12 in the operation of the infrastructure has not eliminated yet.  Our infrastructure is still having some major ...


Altcoin.io Introduced The Alpha Version Of Atomic Swap Wallet

Developers of the decentralized cryotocurrency platform Altcoin Exchange presented an alpha version of Atomic Swap Wallet. The video attached to the tweet briefly describes the process of performing atomic transactions (swaps) ...


Bitcoin Core Developers Are Considering The Possibility To Increase Bitcoin Block Limit

The head of Blockstream, Adam Back, in a discussion with the Bitmain co-founder , Jihan Wu, confirmed that in the mid-term, Bitcoin Core developers are considering the possibility to increase block size ...


There Is A New Vulnerability In Ethereum Wallet Parity

Users' funds on Parity multi-signature wallets has blocked as a result of activation of a critical vulnerability in a smart contract. This is reported in the official blog of Parity Technologies. ...

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