Vlad Zamfir to Cooperate With Casper Labs on Implementing an Out-Of-Ethereum Protocol

Vlad Zamfir, a lead developer of the Casper protocol, has signed a letter of intent with Casper Labs. The startup is working on developing a fully scalable blockchain to be ...


Zcash Community Studies The Possibility Of Consensus Algorithm To Reduce The Inflation Rate

ZCash CEO, Zooko Wilcox, admitted that this privacy-oriented cryptocurrency user has a too high rate of inflation, and focused on possible changes in the consensus algorithm. He wrote a series ...


There Are Vulnerabilities In Trezor And Ledger Hardware Wallets

A team of researchers from the project Wallet.fail managed to hack the Trezor One, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue cryptocurrency hardware wallets, using a vulnerability in the firmware of devices. ...


In What Spheres Is TON Blockchain Useful?

The blockchain is demanded by the markets with deficiency of trust and safety. The problem of most blockchain systems is the complexity of their use cases. TON has a chance to become ...

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USA Strikes Back On Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is planning to develop transaction tracking technology in blockchains of anonymous cryptocurrencies (for example, Zcash and Monero) in order to detect illegal money transfers. ...


Trezor Beta Wallet Adds Native Support For Ethereum, Ethereum Classic And ERC-20 tokens

The manufacturer of hardware wallets Trezor announced the launch of native support for cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, as well as ERC-20 standard tokens in the Trezor Wallet software beta ...


Parity Released Alpha Of Ethereum Wallet

On November 9, Parity Ethereum announced the release of the Parity Fether cryptocurrency wallet alpha version. The software is testing, so the company does not recommend to use a wallet to ...


This Week Will Be Launched New EOS Voting System

This week, EOS cryptocurrency devs will present a beta version of the Referendum tool, which is an analogue of the voting system. This tool will be able to improve the ...

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