IBM Tests Its Own Stablecoin On Stellar Platform

IBM company which became one of pioneers in business solutions on a blockchain in the sphere of deliveries and international payments may soon introduce its own stablecoin.  Stellar will be ...

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What Is Cryptocurrency Fork

There are two types of cryptocurrency forks: hardsoft and softfork.  Hardfork HardFork is a discrepancy with the current version of the blockchain with nodes on the new blockchain, not interacting ...

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Alibaba Raised $ 14 Billion To Develop Blockchain Solutions

Ant Financial, a payment affiliate of the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba, announced the complete of the financing round C, in which the company managed to raise $ 14 billion for the further ...

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Ledger Will Release The Desktop App This Week

Hardware cryptocurrency wallet manufacturer Ledger is going to launch a new application that will operate on almost any computer. Release for Windows, macOS and Linux will be available on June 9. Company representatives ...

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TRON Launched In Beta Its Own Network

Today, on May 31, developers of Tron launched the beta version of the main network. The tenth in the rate of cryptocurrency market capitalization ($ 4 billion) is leaving the Ethereum ...


A Critical Vulnerability Was Found In EOS Network

A critical vulnerability in EOS blockchain can allow attackers to remotely execute arbitrary code on network nodes to control them. This is reported by the traditional news provider from China cnLedger ...


Ethereum Has Released The First Version Of Casper Upgrade

Release of Casper the Friendly Finality Gadget (FFG) upgrade, designed to change the consensus mechanism in the Ethereum network. The external developers and auditors may find it on GitHub. According ...


The Number Of Running Lightning Network Nodes Continue To Grow

On Tuesday, March 13, the number of active nodes Lightning Network in the bitcoin mainnet exceeded the mark of 1000. This is indicated by the data of the corresponding tracker. ...

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