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Stripe payment service received $ 150 million investment

Stripe payment service

Stripe payment

Stripe fintech startup from California had announced the receipt of new investments in the amount of 150 million, after which the total value of the company rose to $ 9.2 billion.

Series D round of financing led by venture capital funds CapitalG (Alphabet Inc's investment division) and General Catalyst Partners. The second had already put up in Stripe. Also, the list included new investors Sequoia Capital and several other companies, pursuant to The Wall Street Journal.

Besides new investments, Stripe got the revolving credit up to $ 250 million, as guarantors acted J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, and Barclays PLC. This loan is not required to use and allows the company to increase the possibility of obtaining loans at low-interest rates without increasing the size of its debt.

The main direction of Stripe - helping retailers and merchants with the reception of payments. The service supports about 130 various fiat currencies and Bitcoin, connected payment systems include Apple Pay, Alipay and Android Pay.

Also, the company offers became popular service - Stripe Atlas, through which you can open your own online business by registering from anywhere in the world a company in Delaware state.

In October, the company introduced a new instrument called Radar, aimed at preventing fraud, and new investments could be directed to the proposed expansion of the functional.

"We are taking active elaboration, and there is a long list of what we would like to implement. We do not exclude the possibility of launching another separate service, but first, we need to find out what is working or not from existing services ", - said co-founder of Stripe John Collison.

In March 2016, after the announced by US President Barack Obama easing sanctions, Stripe offered the possibility of opening an American company and payments in Bitcoins to residents of Cuba.

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