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Stratis Developers Presented An Alpha Version Of Breeze Wallet

stratis breeze wallet

Stratis team released an alpha version of Breeze Wallet, a wallet designed to anonymize bitcoin transactions. A distinctive feature of solution is a high level transactions confidentiality achieved through integration with Breeze Wallet service mix TumbleBit. 

“Taking advantage of technology Tumblebit, Stratis team continues to move forward, extending the functionality Breeze Wallet, that has a high level of confidentiality, and a wide scalability,” reported in the blog project Stratis. TumbleBit fully compatible with the current bitcoin protocol that can use as payment hub. This gives new opportunities in terms of network scaling.

By analogy with the Lightning Network, TumbleBit allows users to send each other transactions outside of the blockchain. For example, if a buyer and merchant connected to the server TumbleBit, the buyer can make payment in bitcoin, and neither he nor the merchant nor the server will know the addresses of each other.

The release of Breeze Wallet announced in March 2017.