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STeX.Exchange Presented A Technology That Turns The World Upside Down


The project intends to solve a liquidity problem forever. 

February 21, 2018, Moscow  – the smart platform for cryptocurrency trading with automatic aggregation of liquidity, STeX.Exchange, has developed and presented the decentralized A2A technology (Any2Any). It allows you to instantly exchange any coins for each other directly in single transaction.

The exchanges existing today suffer from shortage liquidity: at one exchanges only popular currencies, on others — tens and hundreds one are trading. So traders must use several exchanges, often miss time due to deposit and withdrawals of funds and do not have time to close more profit deal.

STeX.Exchange is the first cryptocurrency exchange, which operates on the principle of aggregator, automatically assembling and combining the offers of the best exchanges in one place. Professional traders get the opportunity to earn more and save time and money without switching from one account to another. The platform supports more than 200,000 cross rates, while the majority of competitors - no more than 200 trading pairs.

"Our project has every reason to be one of TOP-10 the growing cryptocurrency market of trade and exchange, which is estimated about $ 10 billion now. There is no other technology, except A2A capable to quickly process all cross rates. It not just brings cryptotrading to the level of the major world exchanges, it sets the new tech standard in the industry", – the co-founder and CEO STeX.Exchange, Nicholas Prays, comments.

The exchange give you a possible to exchange any coins at the best rates, and professionally engage in trading, using hundreds of thousands of trading instruments. The platform combines the processing speed of a centralized exchange and the security of a decentralized account management. It will be easy for beginner to understand the STeX.Exchange interface.

The company also released a new utility-token A2A. It can be bought for ETH, BTC, Dash, Zcash and Ripple. Users can use A2A tokens or payment of the commissions at a discount and receiving bonuses in Stex platform. All users of STeX Exchange receive a 50% discount when paying commissions from the internal balance with A2A tokens.

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