December 7, 2020 / news

Steve Wozniak Token Has Risen By More Than 1500% In 3 Days

steve wozniak

The cryptocurrency went into active growth immediately after its listing on a popular exchange.

WOZX token of the Efforce project created by co-founder of Apple technology company, Steve Wozniak, increased in price by 1525% in 3 days (from $ 0.0985 to $ 1.6015). The maximum value was on December 6. After that the digital asset went into a slight correction.

Steve Wozniak presented the Efforce project, the main task of which was to develop technical solutions for the transition of environmentally oriented companies to more modern energy sources, on December 4, 2020.

As part of Efforce, the developer launched the WOZX cryptocurrency. According to the project’s plan, the funds raised through the sale of the token will be used to develop environmentally friendly companies.

One of the goals of the project was to improve energy efficiency. To achieve it, representatives of Efforce, among other things, use the capabilities of blockchain technology.

WOZX was first listed on the HBTC exchange. Almost immediately after the addition of a digital asset, its rate went into active growth. In the near future, the token may appear on a number of other trading platforms, including Bithumb.

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