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Startup Cointed Wants To Get A Global Recognition


Nowadays, when more and more people begin to take an interest in cryptocurrencies, there are companies that try to help them the most convenient to enter this space. And startup Cointed is no exception. The main goal of the company is to simplify public access to the cryptocurrency as easy as possible.

Cointed is not a beginner in the cryptocurrency space. The project launched in 2015 by Wolfgang Thaler and Christopher Rieder. The company is among the leaders in the European market primarily due to the wide range of provided services incluiding online exchange service (more than 15,000 registered users) and the provision of payment solutions and the installation of Bitcoin ATMs, which number has reached 100 with locations in 4 countries.  In addition, by the end of the year the company intends to open access to its customers for the payment system PayCo, and also in the first quarter of 2018 to provide the possibility of environmentally friendly green mining.

Yesterday, on November 19, 2017, Cointed successfully completed the pre-ICO. Today, 20 November, the platform launches ICO, which will end on February 28, 2018. During crowdsale the company plans to raise $120 million.

As the project progresses, the funds raised will be spent on expanding international relations. Despite the fact that the company has already known in Europe, its main goal is to form partnerships with distributors all over the world. To realize these intentions, the company needs additional financing, which it intends to achieve by selling its own CTD tokens.

To get global recognition the company need to meet international standarts, therefore it is inevitable for it to obtain its own licenses. At the moment, the main licenses are electronic money, asset management, card issuance and online trading. Each country will need proper licensing to comply with the regulatory framework.

In particular, the stable progresses of the company, realistic goals and the unprecedented growth of financial indicators stands out it among many other projects that may not even have a real product. Therefore Cointed can promise not only confidence, but also guaranteed benefits to holders of CTD tokens in the future.

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