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In St. Petersburg specialists from IFMO utilize blockchain to control drones

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Blockchain - drones

The rapid development of technologies and their penetration into all spheres of human activity leads to the fact that many of them go beyond the sphere of economy.

Thus, the applying of blockchain technology is not limited to the banking sector - the staff and students of IFMO University have involved it in "Dron-employee" project, applied it to control drones.

The project is grounded on Ethereum platform. It differs from other cryptocurrency systems mainly to the fact that its own currency ("ether") is not equivalent to the coin, but feeds the network nodes that communicate with each other utilizing "smart -contracts."

Thus, the node sends "either" to the address, and this info is recorded on blockchain. Getting "either" on this address, another node begins to execute a code. Using this knowledge, you could create a network where the faithful execution of instructions will be under the control of robots.

The users of "Drone-employee" are necessary to create a contract of employment specifying the coordinates of the base. The transaction is passed to Ethereum network and a drone gets coordinates, calculates the interval and the charges of the flight. After payment, the robot begins to perform the assignment. The developers claim that this platform could be the basis for the interplay between participants of the market of Internet of things.

The authors of the project plan to create a mass service of drones that will interact in a decentralized manner, which will ensure a high-security level (excluding the part of insurance companies, Internet service providers, autonomous drone bases, companies providing topographic data etc.).

In 2015, were carried out the first tests. In April 2016 the system was successfully tested for the ability to independently adjust the routes. In August, leading developer of the project Sergey Lonshakov introduced it on the Drone Expo Show - the first large-scale exhibition of drones in the Russian. In October, a project was included in the interactive session of theV Annual Forum "Open Innovation", which was held in The "Skolkovo" Technopark.

"Given the fact that this project combines two extremely high-tech factors - cryptocurrency technology with utilizing "smart-contracts" and the application of ROS (Robot Operating System, the operating system for robots) to control drones, it will be enormously viable for 2016 - 2018 "- said one of the programmists.

"The creators of" Drona-employee" developed a project grounded on the best blockchain technology, which is one of the main trends in the technological sphere", - said co-author Dmitry Peskov. - "Blockchainization", that is, the rejection of intermediaries in all areas will entail a very high rate of technological development".

At IFMO Univesity in general, much attention is paid to blockchain technology. For example, its functioning on the basis of Ethereum platform could study Masters in 2017. Everyone who desire will be able to connect to the work related to the implementation of blockchain.

The technology is involved in project The "Smart city" in which employees of IFMO work together with the creators of European project bIOTope (building an IoT OPen innovation Ecosystem for connected smart objects) on the development of the infrastructure for horizontal interaction services of the Internet of Things.

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