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In What Spheres Is TON Blockchain Useful?


The blockchain is demanded by the markets with deficiency of trust and safety. The problem of most blockchain systems is the complexity of their use cases.

TON has a chance to become a market leader. Collected areas for which a user-friendly blockchain platform can be a great solution:

  • Buying and selling airline or train tickets.
  • Audit as an area requires not only the competence of auditors, but also data security.
  • Logistics automatization.
  • Supply chain management - due to the complexity of logistics in large companies, confusion can arise and this problem can be easily solved by a good CRM. Blockchain is needed in order to control the movement of goods at all stages.
  • Legal smart contracts.
  • Notarial services are the classical example of documents registration.
  • Copyright protection. The modern patent and copyright is not effective enough. Pirate content is everywhere. It's not so scary to listen to music and not pay for it, like stealing someone else's music or ideas and passing it off as your own.
  • Internet of Things - in addition to automating routine operations, the role of the blockchain for IoT can be in countering fraud, identity management, conducting transactions and ensuring data integrity.
  • Payments and financial asset management.
  • Data storage. One hint! TON Storage. Blockchain will provide secure storage of data.
  • Digital voting. Voting is already taking place on the blockchain; back in 2017, the Nasdaq began to conduct tests.
  • Medical research, development and reporting - not only copyright, but also the consent of experimental subjects, grants, research results can be more transparent.
  • Business process management of large companies.
  • Insurance - the eternal struggle of the insurance company and the victim. There is an insurance case and the insurance begins to speculatively delay with payments. Instead of arranging litigation, you can use the blockchain to automatically debit funds from the insurance account to the account, for example, medical institutions where you are.
  • Asset management. To date the confidential registers of shareholders and account holders are protected by laws and are maintained by specialized organizations.

In each of the above spheres (and not only in them) developers are looking for the competent implementation of the blockchain solution. Not that “there was a fashionable technology,” but as a way out of existing problems. Individual projects are ahead of the development of industries as a whole and few people today are ready to use the proposed options. All ahead.

True Story

Transparency can reduce corruption, especially at the state level. Those who really need the blockchain are government agencies, state institutions and large corporations.

Now let's talk about reality. What you have read and could have imagined is an ideal world where no one is mistaken. In fact, it is often different. Incorrectly knocked down the numbers, mixed up the reports, did not have time on time ... Bad excuses, but it turned out like that in the unrecoverable registry and a person would have problems that were easy to fix earlier. And with the blockchain, they will be noticed and it will be ten times harder to work on the bugs.