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Roger Ver Сalled Bitcoin Cash An Original bitcoin


Well-known supporter Bitcoin Cash (Bcash) Roger Ver and canadian entrepreneur Calvin Ayre issued a statement which stated that coin formed as a result of the August hardfork is the original vision of bitcoin that shows the opinion of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre view

According to Ver and Ayre, Bitcoin Cash more closely matches the criteria for the cryptocurrency that the bitcoin creator defined in his whitepaper. Accordingly, the decision proposed Bitcoin Core developers and implemented in August SegWit the received severely criticized.

According to the statement, originally introduced as a peer-to-peer cash system, Bitcoin experienced explosive growth. But as is the case with all technologies, scalability inevitably became an issue. This is where the financial establishment saw their chance to try to disrupt and derail this new upstart threatening their control. A group calling themselves 'Bitcoin Core' began to insist, counter-intuitively, that Bitcoin was incapable of scaling to more than 250,000 transactions a day.

Also Roger Ver and Calvin Ayre say that after this the Bitcoin Core developers  taking things too far and stated that bitcoin was never thought of as a payment system, representing another speculative asset. However, they insist, it does not meet the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. For this reason, and, owned by Ver and Ayre, respectively, will henceforth call this Segwit Core group and encourage other media to follow suit.

As they says, bitcoin resisted and did not allow control of the established financial establishment.

"Instead, the Bitcoin Cash branch has created, in which the limit on the block size has increased in order to preserve the original vision of bitcoins. Today Bitcoin Cash has its own market price and a network of miners."

Another statement posted on

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is the only fork of Bitcoin that resembles a natural continuation of the original Bitcoin invention. All Segwit chains have altered so many fundamental properties of Bitcoin that it seems a stretch to refer to any of them by the Bitcoin name.

Craig Wright expressed his support for Ver and Ayre

It is noteworthy that the Ver and Ayre support has also expressed by the well-known Australian Craig Wright, who earlier attempted to declare himself Satoshi Nakamoto.

The questionable past of Wright and Ayre and their connections with Roger Vere have already become the object of criticism from the representatives of the bitcoin community. So, the founder of the BitPremier marketplace, Alan Silbert, wrote that such business partners can scare away anyone who might want to trust the Faith.