October 19, 2019 / Business

Ripple Reports Significant Decrease In XRP Sales In 3Q 2019


Ripple reports to the community about the activity in the 3Q of 2019. According to a document published on the company’s official website, XRP sales almost tripled and amounted to $ 66.2 million. Note that this indicator is 74% lower than the record set a previous quarter ($ 251.5 million).

The report states the company intends to provide unprecedented transparency in operations with the XRP token while urging the industry to follow suit. Such steps will help build confidence and raise the bar in the industry.

According to the report, the XRP decreased by 35.4%, while the total market capitalization of digital assets decreased by 30.4%. XRP trading volume fell 53% from $ 39.1 billion to $ 18.2 billion. During the period, 3 billion XRP were exempted from escrow, while 2.3 billion were included in new escrow agreements.

The report says that XRP is ideal for global settlements because the token is faster, cheaper and much more scalable than other digital assets.

Ripple paid particular attention to the spread of FUD and misinformation about XRP. According to the report, the Internet was filled with “bots”. This supplies the network with unreasonable information on price manipulation.

According to Ripple, we need to be above this and see technology as an opportunity to solve existing problems, and not as a religion.

In conclusion, the company announced Ripple’s intention to continue to take active steps to eliminate misinformation and FUD, as a responsible and transparent participant in XRP.


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