February 17, 2017 / news

Ripple And BitGo Announced Global Partnership

bitgo & ripple

Ripple has agreed to mutual cooperation with bitcoin wallet and blockchain solutions provider BitGo. The partnership should contribute to strengthening the ecosystem of XRP, according to Finextra.

 BitGo will guarantee multi-signature security; provide asset control and extra functions for XRP. This year, all of these will be added into the BitGo platform.

 The current volume of demand from companies that want to implement digital tokens into business processes using the BitGo platform is about $ 1 billion per month.

 Ripple notes, this cooperation is a substantial step to develop capital markets and global acceptance of XRP, which is gradually becoming a leader in the field of cross-border payings.

  “Ripple and BitGo are going to make digital tokens like XRP more obtainable and useful for organizations – said Miguel Vias, Chief of XRP Markets. – It is a substantial stage towards constructing the XRP ecosystem, which is created to meet the increased request for cross-border payings”.

 In January 2017, Ripple launched XRP trading on Bitstamp. Ripple and Bitstamp signed a program which provides rebates and various incentives for liquidity providers. In the current quarter, Ripple is going to provide the possibility of obtaining loans by qualified market participants.

 Earlier, the United Arab Emirates National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) informed that it would integrate into its system Ripple’s distributed registry technology.

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