September 11, 2021 / news

Research: Ethereum, Cardano and IOTA Lead in Developer Activity


The activity of Cardano devs is growing due to the introduction of smart contracts, analysts say.

Investment crypto company Outlier Ventures has published a report on blockchain development trends. Experts analyzed the 50 largest blockchains by market cap from July 2020 to June 2021. In particular, they assessed the activity of network developers on Github using commits.

Github commits are changes in the source code of the network, their number is considered an indicator of the stability of the blockchain network. The total number of commits of the 50 largest blockchains has grown by 66.4%.

Cardano recorded the most commits per month (CPM) on the open source platform GitHub – 701. This is a 24% increase over the same period last year.

Ethereum became the second token in this ranking with 447 CPM. In third place, IOTA, its CPM has almost doubled over the year. The most actively growing protocol was Avalanche – the number of commits grew by almost 700% over the year.

The researchers also calculated the monthly average number of active blockchain developers (MAD). For Ethereum, this figure was 168. The average monthly number of active Cardano developers was 165. In June 2020, Cardano overtook Ethereum in this indicator. The third in terms of the number of developers was the Hyperledger protocol – 158.

According to crypto media The Block, the growing popularity of Cardano among developers is due to the implementation of smart contracts – pieces of code that automate blockchain transactions and eliminate the need for third parties. Recall that in May, the Cardano developers launched the Alonzo smart contract testnet. The full launch is scheduled for September 12th.

DeFi this week, Minswap exchange, powered by Cardano Testnet, announced a temporary shutdown. Users blamed this on IOHK, the developer of the token. However, its founder denies linking the crash to Cardano Testnet.

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