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Research: 94 Out Of 100 Successful Blockchain Projects Are Based On Ethereum

The fourth hard fork of Ethereum

According to cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke, 94 of the 100 best blockchain projects based on the Ethereum platform. 

Ethereum network deserves to be one of the leading blockchain platform for smart contracts. He also noted that the Ethereum community consists of more than 250 thousand developers.

"The industry is still really small [and thus], 250,000 is a shocking number. Ethereum’s development framework called Truffle already has more than 500,000 downloads and even through the price fall of 2018, development interests have continued to rise,” said Rooke

He states to create a competitive blockchain platform, there is not enough capital investment. Ethereum's potential depends on running successful decentralized applications, and if developers leave the platform, it will lose its value

”Sometimes money can give a start to the project, but today in the crypto industry everyone has money, including Ethereum, so they do not give a competitive advantage, " Kevin Rooke said.

Note that the Ethereum network incluide such major projects as the Chinese blockchain network IoT VeChain with a market cap about $2 billion, the American blockchain project Ontology ($1 billion), the South Korean ICON ($900 million), the Zilliqa project ($850 million).