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GEO Protocol Raises Seed Round From CoinFund To Accelerate Development Of Its Internet Of Value Technology

GEO Protocol, a financial technology startup, has announced an investment in its seed round by CoinFund, a premier New York-based cryptoasset investment firm. The deal, which will entail close collaboration ...

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Rally Launches Blockchain Social Marketplace With 20,000+ Users In Just 3 Weeks

Rally, a marketplace for direct engagement and community building built on blockchain technology, has today announced the formal launch of its social marketing app, with more than 20,000 people registered ...

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Virtual Monuments Of Satoshi Nakamoto Have Appeared In USA

The developers of augmented reality from the company Satoshi Nakamoto Republic have created eight virtual monuments of Bitcoin co-founder Satoshi Nakamoto in USA.  The monuments have appeared in Cambridge, Mountain ...

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Bit.News Forum Has Added An Option Of Payment For Content In Cryptobank Stablecoins

Forum Bit.News has launched an option of payment for posts in the cryptocurrency, thereby motivating users to be even more active: posts, comments, ask questions. The forum provides for higher rates of reward than ...

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Mile Unity Foundation Embassy Opened In Seoul

Mile Unity Foundation is glad to announce successful launch of its Embassy in South Korea. The Grand Opening was attended by the representatives of local crypto community and government. Dr. ...

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Crypto Enthusiasts Disappointed By Lack Of Employers Willing To Pay In Bitcoin

The majority of employees would be willing to receive part or all of their wages in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, according to ChronoBank’s survey. However, businesses typically lag in their ...

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Virtual monuments to Satoshi Nakamoto will soon arrive in Los Angeles and Miami (USA)

The virtual monument to Satoshi Nakamoto will be launched on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles and Miami are soon to host the new generation of monuments. We plan ...

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Boxing Superstar Amir Khan Has Announced A New Partnership With Leading Online Financial Trading Broker ThinkMarkets

LONDON, SEPTEMBER 4, 2018 – Amir Khan has joined forces with London-based online financial trading broker ThinkMarkets in a bid to help young children get off the streets by using financial ...

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