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Platform “Voskhod” Plans To Register In Japan As Cryptocurrency Exchange


Platform "Voskhod" plans to receive a licence in Japan. Online-service attracts private investment in projects located Far East. Voskhod intends to apply to the Financial Services Authority of Japan for registration as operator of the cryptocurrency exchange.

"This will allow Voskhod to attract both new investors and new issuers from the Asian region, in particular from Japan, "said Aleksey Chekunkov, General Director of the Far East Development Foundation (FEDF).

In September, the platform "Voskhod" received permission from the Bank of Russia to trade with cryptocurrencies. In October, the site plans starts ICO BioCoin settlement service from the Lavka Lavka farm network.

Last week, the Japanese Financial Services Authority (FCA) registered 11 companies - operators of cryptocurrency exchanges. The financial regulator developed a list of requirements for exchanges to obtain registration and legitimate trade in cryptocurrency assets. Among them, the separation of accounts, a stable IT platform, the identification of clients' identity in order to avoid using these tools for money laundering.

In April, Japan legalized bitcoin.

At the moment cryptocurrencies is not regulated in Russia. It was also notes that operations with cryptocurrencies carry high risks both in the conduct of exchange transactions and in the case of raising funds through the ICO.