June 18, 2021 / news

PlanB Predicts Bitcoin To Enter The Second Phase Of Growth Soon

биткоин bitcoin блокчейн

According to PlanB, Bitcoin is preparing to implement a positive movement.

All top cryptocurrencies end the working five-day period with a drop. At press-time Bitcoin is trading at $ 37,675. During the day, the cryptocurrency lost 4.22% of its value, while maintaining the positive dynamics of movement during the week (+ 1.28%).

Against the background of the fall in the bitcoin rate, members of the crypto community continued to analyze the prospects for the further movement of BTC.

Bitcoin Predictions From Investors

PlanB, a well-known analyst in the crypto community, is confident that the second wave of growth awaits the market ahead. This is indicated by the signals of his S2F forecasting model.


The potential for the positive movement of bitcoin, in his opinion, is also indicated by the interest of investors focused on long-term storage of cryptocurrency in BTC.

Analyst Willy Wop agreed with the opinion that a digital asset can grow. He drew attention to the fact that at the moment indicators indicate overbought bitcoin. This situation suggests that the stock of BTC sellers has dried up on the market. A decrease in supply, in turn, can lead to an increase in the value of an asset.

Many Bitcoin investors believe that in order to continue the positive movement of the cryptocurrency, it is necessary to gain above the $ 40,000 level.

In this case, according to members of the crypto community, BTC will be able to target $ 50 thousand again.

Analyst Lark Davis, in turn, drew attention to the fact that bitcoin is still at risk of continuing to fall. This, in his opinion, is indicated by the likelihood of an early crossing of the curves, which show the average cost of BTC over 50 and 200 days. From the point of view of technical analysis, their touch can be considered as a signal for a cryptocurrency to fall.

Lark Davis believes that only very positive news can neutralize the intersection of the curves. For example, an announcement by a large company like Facebook about an investment in Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, the BTC Investing Fear and Greed Index remains in the red. This situation suggests that most investors see risks in buying Bitcoin at the moment.


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