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Pavel Durov Agreed To Give Telegrams Encryption Keys

дуров telegram

Social networks users found a copy of a letter written by Telegram founder, Pavel Durov, to FSB director Alexander Bortnikov. In the letter, Durov agrees to hand over the keys of the encryption from the messenger  - but this is about ordinary metal keys. 

"I'm sending you the keys (2 pcs) from the Telegram messenger with my best wishes," the letter says.

Pavel Chikov, head of "Agora" representing the interests of Telegram, laid out a photo with the keys in his account. Chikov himself said that he simply shared a joke.

Earlier, Chikov published a response to The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media about the need to hand over the encryption keys to the FSB. It states that the Telegram servers "for safety has the distributed structure and includes the subsystems which are in the territory of various states and operated by various legal entities."

The document also states that correspondence that is transmitted through secret chat is never stored on Telegram servers, and correspondence from cloud chats is "distributed among different subsystems and never stored in one place."

Meanwhile, the State Duma deputies, who approved the requirement to transfer the encryption keys, found it difficult to explain what the representatives of the messenger have to give to the regulators.

Recall, on April 6 The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media filed a lawsuit in the Tagansky District Court of Moscow with a request to restrict access to the Telegram messenger in Russia. In turn, Pavel Durov's former partner on social network VKontakte Anton Rosenberg said that if Roskomnadzor wins in court, Telegram may disappear from the App Store and Google Play.