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Overview Market ICO: Startups Tokenize Gambling, Electricity And Logistics


It's time to admit that the news about the next ICO in the crypto industry today is hardly an event. Every month dozens of projects sell their tokens, collecting millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. This year, the ICO market has increased by more than a billion dollars, enriching those who correctly disposed of their crypto assets. Certainly, some investors lost their money, making an unsuccessful investment. However, hardly anyone will argue with the fact that in a young volatile market the key to success is information.

Now our web-site offer readers a digest of currently passing ICOs. The review does not contain recommendations and is of a purely notification nature.

List Of ICOs

Let's start with crowdsale, gambling industry project. Unlike its predecessors, is not just a decentralized blockchain casino, but it is a gambling blockchain-protocol that allows any user to launch their own decentralized casino. Crowdsale began on June 29 and end in 28 days (or at the time of reaching the maximum threshold of the campaign - $ 25 million). At the press-time it has collected more than $ 16.6 million, and the campaign has a chance to end much earlier.

Own platform tokens called BET and today you can buy 1600 tokens for 1 ETH. Every few days tokens become more expensive, and by the end of the week for 1 ETH developers will offer investors already 1500 BET. With BET tokens, you will not only be able to bet in the casino, but also earn money by providing other users with various services - from generating random numbers to sponsoring a bankroll of custom casinos.

Crowdsale of blockchain lottery TrueFlip started on June 28 and will last until July 28 or until the project collects 6125 BTC. One token TFL purchased for 0.0005 BTC, but early investors can still expect a bonus. TrueFlip has already a working product - the beta version of the platform launched in April 2017. According to the developers, during this time, tens of thousands of people used its services. To date, the project has collected more than $ 3 million, that corresponds to 1500 BTC.

Announced the launch of ICO project SkinCoin on June 21 plans to create a platform for the informal trade in the game "skins" of popular platform Steam. Crowdsdale SkinCoin will last exactly a month, during this period the team hopes to collect $ 10 million. Investments are accepted only in ETH.  At the moment, more than $ 2 million collected.

The crowdsale of another project "from gamers and for gamers" Neverdie will continue until July 31. This project plans to broadly integrate into the ecosystem of the gaming industry to simplify monetization and increase the liquidity of any in-game assets using cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, investors have invested more than $ 1.8 million in the project.

Logistic company A2B Direct, a rare guest from the real sector, conducts ICO for the blocking of business processes related to cargo transportation. The company operates in the market of Eastern Europe, but in case of successful crowdsale plans to expand and to the western market. The campaign began on July 12 and will last exactly one month. Meanwhile, investors have invested in the ICO project $ 17 000.

Another logistics project, IMMLA, is conducting a Pre-ICO this month. The goal of the campaign is to collect 2.747 ETH (or about $ 412 000). 11 days before the end of the Pre-ICO, a quarter of the required amount is collected.

On July 11, the sale of the tokens began with the Suretly project. The developers describe Suretly as a bailout exchange and, apparently, plan to "uber" the market of microcredits. Users of the platform will be able to quickly find guarantors for a loan, or earn a cryptocurrency, offering their services as a guarantor. Crowdsale ends on August 11 or at the time of reaching the upper threshold of $ 10 million. At the moment, almost $ 1.5 million has collected.

The cloud-mining service Cryptonomos conducts a two-month-long crowdsdale, that ends on July 31. At the moment, the token costs $ 1.05.

Just two weeks left before the end of ICO SunContract - a platform that will take over the electricity market. SunContract will create a platform where independent producers and consumers of electricity can easily enter transactions with smart contracts Ethereum. SunContract has already collected more than $ 1.4 million.

From July 10 to August 9 will continue ICO online fund DDF. Tokens received during crowdsale should give investors the right to part of the fund's profits. The fund itself specializes both in investing in crypto-currencies, and on more exotic investments, like buying domain names.  The upper limit of the ICO is set at 247,500 ETH. At the moment, 3,850 ETH ($ 716 thousand) have been collected.

July 15 started the crowdsale of platform BlockCAT. BlockCAT developers offer users an infrastructure solution based on Ethereum to create smart contracts, including quite complex ones, without any knowledge of programming. At the moment the project has collected 4282 ETH (about $ 800 000).

Continues ICO speculative "community-coin" DimCoin. DimCoin creates an extensive infrastructure of financial services for the community and collected $ 5 million 11 days before the end of the campaign.

Service Prover offers a blockchain based solution to verify the authenticity of video. This technology will be useful in the areas of insurance, law enforcement and journalism. The project does not advertise its Pre-ICO, as it already expects injections from several large investors. But before July 29, everyone can invest in the project.