June 10, 2020 / news

Opinion: An Increase In The Number Of Ethereum Wallets To 100 Mln Is Signal To The Beginning Of Bull Run

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The number of wallets on the Ethereum network reached 100 million. Mythos Capital and crypto investor Ryan Sean Adams emphasized that it took 5 years:


He compared this growth with the development of the Internet, which took 15 years to reach 100 million active domain names.

At the same time, the research cryptocurrency company Arcane Research noted that throughout the coin’s existence, there has been a steady increase in wallets with a balance of at least 32 ETH (exactly how many coins are needed to launch a node to validate transactions in the future Ethereum 2.0 network) – at the end of May 2020 there were such wallets almost 120,000:


Also, Brave New Coin analyst Josh Olszewicz pointed out an important fact that may indicate Ethereum bull run in the next couple of months. The second cryptocurrency came close to the key resistance level of the


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