June 22, 2020 / Interesting

Opinion: Bitcoin Is A “Bubble” That Will Disappear From The Space Soon

halving btc

Amid falling Bitcoin rate, the popular participants in the crypto community talk about the prospects of investing in digital assets.

Well-known American investor Jim Rogers believes that the BTC exchange rate will sooner or later drop to zero. According to the expert, cryptocurrency is a “bubble” that will burst in the future. As a result, BTC will lose its value and disappear from the market. The investor shared this point of view with reporters of the Japanese edition of AERA during an interview.

According to Jim Rogers, those who buy cryptocurrency think that they are smarter than the government of their countries. In fact, to some extent, they may be right. But it is worth remembering that the authorities have something that the crypto community does not have – it’s a weapon.

Note, that recently there has been a correlation of the bitcoin exchange rate with the actions of the government of countries. For example, against the background of the announcement on June 1, 2020, of the decision of US President Donald Trump on the forced dispersal of peaceful demonstrators near the territory of the White House, the price of BTC increased by more than 8%.


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