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Online Shopping With Bitcoin Outperformed Visa And MasterCard In Italy

bitcoin $250000

Bitcoin ranked the third among the most preferred online payment methods in Italy. This with reference to the analytical company SEMRush writes La Stampa.

According to experts, BTC was ahead of only PayPal and the local PostePay. The study revealed that Italians prefer Bitcoin to traditional Visa and MasterCard payments.

In comparison, transactions with BTC conducted in Italy for online purchases more than 215,800 times a month. At the same time, the result of American Express is 189,000 for the same period. However, Visa, MasterCard, and other credit cards stood at around 33,950 transactions per month.

Recall that yesterday Bitcoin whitepaper bitcoin celebrated its birthday. In honor of the anniversary, members of the crypto community presented statistics on changes in the cryptocurrency rate from year to year, as of October 31.