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OneCoin Ponzi Scheme Lawyer Found Guilty Of Laundering $ 400 Million

Mark Scott, a lawyer at the famous OneCoin financial pyramid, was found guilty of laundering $ 400 million. To date, he faces up to 50 years in prison.

The relevant decision was made by the court of the Southern District of New York, where the case of Mark Scott is being considered.

According to verdict the money passing through OneCoin was laundered through a carefully thought-out network of fraudulent investment funds and international offshore zones, which allowed the pyramid organizers to hide their origin. Among these jurisdictions are the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Ireland.

The court also agreed with the statement by the prosecution that in the process, Mark Scott earned $ 50 million on these schemes personally for himself.

He lined his pockets with over $50 million of the money stolen from victims of the OneCoin scheme, the prosecutor Geoffrey Berman said in a statement.

Recall that in September, OneCoin lawyer Mark Scott was also detained in the United States, who was charged with laundering $ 400 million.

The trial of Scott started in early November. His defense claims that he did not know about the true nature of OneCoin and the absence of a blockchain. He was allegedly convinced of the legitimacy of the scheme by the presence of businessman Neil Bush (the son of President Bush Sr.) at a meeting with Rudge Ignatova, who discussed the purchase of an oil field in Africa. Bush himself allegedly received $ 300,000 for his presence.

The New York City Attorney's Office claims that Scott acquired a yacht, three mansions, and a Ferrari for part of the laundered funds.

US authorities estimate the damage from OneCoin at $ 4.4 billion, but the BBC investigation found more frightening figures - 15.4 billion euros. This potentially makes the project the largest scam of the decade.