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Official Bitcoin Core 0.13.1 release

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Bitcoin Core

On 27 October was released Bitcoin Core 0.13.1, containing Segregated Witness solution, aimed at increasing network extensible.

Since 15 November, miners will be able to express their backing for the offered streamlined protocol, which in the case of activation will give Bitcoin network new features, including the increase of the block size margin.

«Segregated Witness is the most large-scale expansion of the protocol, which result will act on introduction many innovative solutions" - said the coder Bitcoin Core Eric Lombroso.

The updating of Bitcoin protocol Segregated Witness was first presented by a developer Peter Vella in the end of 2015, at the Scaling Bitcoin Conference, in Hong Kong. Thanks to him, Bitcoin network will be more flexible on the issue of code changes and will increase the capacity of blocks. The development of updating was conducted by Peter Vella, Eric Lombroso and other developers from Bitcoin Core. Writing code, which consists of 5000 lines, was completed in April, this year.

"We have done a lot of work, including tests. There were 3 probationary Segregated Witness networks in May and was held a successful launch of a major update in the main test Bitcoin network. In addition, supplementary blocks had been created further interspersed into Bitcoin Core to reduce the response time and margins of network capability. All this is coupled in the final release of 0.13.0, "- noted Eric Lombroso.

Recall that Segregated Witness software was integrated into Bitcoin protocol in June of this year